Discover the features that makes Inficert so productive.

Bring Your Own Design

Inficert supports issuing not just certificates and badges, but any type of document (can be certificate, badge, document, marksheet or anything you need). Just create it as standard html, specify the placeholders and you are good to go.

Dynamic Content Placeholders

Dynamic content placeholders let you define dynamic regions in a certificate/document that you can fill with custom information when issuing it.

Simplified Recipient Data Entry

Export design placeholders as an excel document that can be shared with other people who are responsible for filling it with recipients list.

Leverage Templates to Specify Options

Create templates that define the features you would like to use for a specific batch of recipients. You can specify whether to use Blockchain or not, the certificate design to use etc.

Issue in Batches

Create a batch of recipients by entering recipient details manually or by uploading in bulk using a pre-filled excel document. You can import thousands of recipients using batches. This also simplifies digitizing old certificates that were issued manually.

Flexible Email Options

Automatically send emails with certificates as soon as the certificates are generated. Or send them manually one by one. You can also choose to download the certificates and send them via your own email system.

Certificate Preview

Preview certificates before issuing them. Preview allows you to look at each certificate individually with all the information filled in before issuing it. This ensures that the certificate looks great and ensure that there are no discrepancies in the design and content.

Pdf or PNG

Issuers and recipients can download certificates as a Pdf document or a PNG image. Download and use whichever you feel best serves your purpose when printing or sharing with others.

Revoke Certificates

Sometimes things don't work out as planned and it might be necessary to revoke a certificate. You can do this with a single click. During verification, a revoked certificate is shown with the revoked status and the reason (if specified) why it was revoked.

Delete Certificates

If required, you can easily delete an issued certificate with a single click.

Multiple Blockchain Networks

You can leverage multiple Blockchain networks when issuing certificates. You can test on the Ethereum Rinkeby or Ropsten test networks OR issue on the Mainnet. Alternately, you can issue certificates on the Inficert Genesis private global network without requiring to buy any Ethers.

ERC721 Token

Certificates issued on the Ethereum Blockchain follow the ERC721 token standard. This allows interoperability with any platform or wallet that supports the ERC721 token standard.

Built-In Blockchain Wallet

Inficert comes with a secure built-in Blockchain wallet so that you don't need to use an external wallet application when issuing certificates. This makes the entire process seamless and efficient.