Issue blockchain based certificates, badges and documents.

Inficert lets you issue digital certificates, badges or other documents that can be verified quickly and easily.

Issue certificates on the Blockchain for additional credibility and authenticity.

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Be Productive

Inficert saves you time and money with automation and productivity features.


Issue certificates, badges or any type of documents.

Standards Compliant

Complies with ISO 17024 standards.

White Label

Use our cloud with custom domain, or deploy on your own cloud or on-premise.


Easy automated certificate issue and verification process.

Certificate Issuers

  • Bring your own design or use a built-in design to get going in minutes.
  • Import recipients in bulk and issue certificates with just a few clicks.
  • Leverage Blockchain technology to ensure traceability, credibility and authenticity of the certificates.
for issuers
for verifiers

Certificate Verifiers

  • Easy one step verification with qr code, certificate id OR certificate digital file.
  • Verify certificate issuer and recipient.
  • Verify date of issue.
  • Verify validity of the certificate.
  • Verify certificate's origin using it's Blockchain signature.

Platform Features

Feature rich, flexibility and ease of use are the hallmarks of Inficert.

Bring Your Own Design

Inficert supports issuing documents of all kinds - certificates, badges, marksheets etc. Just create the design as html and import it.

Dynamic Content Placeholders

Dynamic content placeholders let you define dynamic regions in a document that you can fill with custom information when issuing it.

Easy Data Entry

Import an excel document pre-filled with document data (such as recipients list) and you are good to go.

Issue in Batches

Issue documents in batches with manual entry or importing an excel sheet. Excel import simplifies digitising old certificates that were issued manually.

Send Emails

Automatically send emails with certificates as soon as the certificates are generated. Or send them manually one by one. You can also choose to download the certificates and send them via your own email system.

Design Preview

Design preview allows you to look at each document individually with all the information filled in before issuing it. This ensures that the document looks great and ensure that there are no discrepancies in the design and content.

Multiple Formats

Issuers and recipients can download documents as a PDF doc or a PNG image.

Revoke Certificates

Revoke issued certificates with a single click. During verification, a revoked certificate is shown with the revoked status and the reason (if specified) why it was revoked.

Delete Certificates

Easily delete an issued certificate with a single click.

Blockchain Networks

Inficert supports mulitple Blockchain networks. Test your setup on test networks and issue final documents on mainnet.

ERC721 Spec

Certificates issued on the Ethereum Blockchain follow the ERC721 token specification. This is the same standard used by NFTs.

Built-In Blockchain Wallet

Inficert comes with a secure built-in Blockchain wallet so that you don't need to use an external wallet application when issuing certificates. This makes the entire process seamless and efficient.

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