The complete platform to issue digital blockchain based certificates, badges and documents.

Super fast and easy to use, Inficert lets you issue digital certificates, badges or other documents that can be verified quickly and easily.

Optionally, issuing on the Blockchain brings an additional layer of credibility and authenticity to your certificates.

For Issuers

Save time and money with automation

Inficert makes it easy to issue certificates by automating the entire process. It helps you to keep track of all issued certificates, easily make corrections to issued certificates, resend certificates to recipients and more.

Benefits of using Inficert

  • Bring your own design or use a built-in design to get going in minutes
  • Import recipients in bulk and issue certificates with just a few clicks
  • Leverage Blockchain technology to ensure traceability, credibility and authenticity of the certificates

For Verifiers

One step verification process makes life easy

Verifying any certificate is quick and painless with a single click. All you need is the certificate id, OR its qr code OR a copy of the original certificate.

With Inficert, you can verify and authenticate:

  • The certificate issuer and recipient
  • Date of issue
  • Validity of the certificate
  • The certificate's origin by verifying its Blockchain signature

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